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Prepare for Leadership

Student Vetera

COUN 492 may be the perfect course for you. Offered every fall, this transition course will usher you into scholastic achievement as you become familiar with the life of a student.

Research and apply theories, values, and constructs known to promote an understanding of resiliency, learning, and leadership. This three credit course blends current research on resiliency, learning, and leadership in an integrative manner to foster individual leadership.

Students will examine multiple counseling-related issues facing military Veterans as they grapple with themes such as power, authority, responsibility, transition, freedom, and autonomy, amongst others. Registrants will also explore currentresearch related to Post-Traumatic Growth and theologically diverse therapeutic interventions from a multicultural framework. Finally, students will examine the implications of these issues as they affect both the process and procurement of counseling related services for past, present, and future military service members.


Course Instructor


Aaron Smith is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (NM) who specializes in therapeutic work with military populations. Aaron is also an 8-year Veteran of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and a 3rd year Doctoral student in the Counselor Education Program at the University of New Mexico. Aaron has also co-instructed this course twice before, adjusting the course content in accordance with student-feedback to ensure the curriculum reflects the reported needs and interests of prior and future registrants.