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Key VRC Roles


Our work studies are the first faces that you will see as you arrive in our office. Each of them uses some form of veteran or dependant benefits, so do not hesitate to ask them detailed questions regarding your benefit! Our work-studies are brimming with vet-specific information, and they are the vanguard of our office.

Administrative Roles

Below is a table of our administrative roles. Push the "Click Here" button above each name to read the qualifications and specialties of this VRC staff member. If you have more particular questions that require specific direction, it will be clear that your message is being given to the correct member of our staff.



As a VA Certifying Officer, Veronica answers VA education benefit specific questions, is responsible for keeping the VA informed of students’ academic enrollment status, and is able to differentiate between tuition and fee payments from other sources in order to properly certify tuition and fees to the VA.

Veronica manages the work-studies in the office and Certifies all students with last names A-H, and all chapter 31.

Veronica Griego

VA Certifying Official
Patrick oversees the general operation of the VRC. (Daily office and personnel management)

Patrick Gallegos

(505) 277.1181
Oversees VRC presentation including the website, and print and digital marketing. Any marketing or design concerns or opportunities can be addressed by Alex.

Alex Padilla

Marketing Coordinator
Chris is our liaison from the VA who is well-versed in the VetSuccess and VocRehab programs. He addresses concerns that have mainly VA implications.
More details on these services can be found on our VetSuccess page!

Chris Mulvihill

VetSuccess & VocRehab Counselor
(505) 277.1596
Ariana facilitates many of the face-to-face connections between our office and our veterans and dependents. Ariana also acts as a liaison to outside organizations.

Ariana Baca

Veteran Outreach
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