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Educational Benefits

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  • Montgomery GI Bill®— Active Duty- Chapter 30
    • Pays $1648/month for full time student veteran.
    • If you paid into the Army College Fund or $600 kicker, you will receive additional money
    • Benefits available for up to 10 years after separation from active duty.
  • Montgomery GI Bill®— Active Duty- Chapter 1606
    • Eligibility is determined by your Reserve or National Guard component.
    • To expedite processing, please obtain a copy of your DD 2384, Notice of Basic Eligibility "NOBE” from your unit.
    • If you enlisted on or after October 1, 1992, your period of eligibility ends 14 years from your beginning date of eligibility, or on the day you leave the selected reserve.
    • If you are mobilized or called to active duty your eligibility may be extended.

  • Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E)— Chapter 31
    • VR&E's primary benefit program is Veteran Readiness and Employment  (formally called Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment) for veterans who have a service-connected disability of 20% and higher. To receive services a veteran must be found both eligible and entitled. The outcome of these services lead to suitable employment that is consistent with their aptitudes and interests, or achieving independence in their daily living.
  • Survivors’ and Dependants’ Educational Assistance (DEA)— Chapter 35
    • Spouse or dependent child of a veteran who:
    • Is 100% disabled due to a service-connected disability
    • Is on active duty and missing for more than 90 days.
    • Is missing in action or was captured in the line of duty.
    • Has died due to a service-connected disability or incident.
  • Transferring Post 9/11 Chapter 33 Benefits to your Dependents
    • There is a provision under Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill® that enables eligible service members to transfer their eligibility to their dependents.
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