Tuition Waivers

In-State Tuition for all Veterans

All veterans, separated or retired, regardless of point of separation or state of residence are eligible to receive in state tuition while attending UNM using VA Education benefits. This waiver is for use while attending in residence in New Mexico. This applies to all who have received any type of discharge other than “dishonorable”. Please turn your DD 214-Automated (which must contain item #24: "Character of Service"), separation, or retirement orders into admissions when applying for this waiver.

In-State Tuition for All Dependents of Veterans Who Lost Their Life While On Active Duty

This provision covers dependents whose sponsors lost their life while on active duty, not restricted to combat related loss of life. The dependents must move to New Mexico within 60 days of the death and provide evidence of that move. Please turn in a copy of the Notification of Death to admissions when applying for this waiver.

In-State Tuition For All Active Duty And Dependents Stationed In New Mexico

All Active Duty members and their dependents are billed at in-state tuition rates while stationed in New Mexico. Further, the dependents maintain in state status if they remain continuously enrolled and in good standing even if the Active Duty sponsor is transferred. An Active Duty Military Waiver, is required with the admission process.

In-State Tuition For All Active Duty Dependents Whose Sponsor Resides/Is Stationed Outside of New Mexico

This provision enables dependents of Active Duty or National Guard on Title X orders to be billed at in-state tuition rates even though their sponsor is not stationed in New Mexico. Dependents do not have to be using a Federal Educational Benefit; however, they must submit a Letter of Intent with a, Non Resident Military form, to establish New Mexico residency. The following actions per the Letter of Intent need to be completed and documentation submitted to admissions no later than the third Friday of the student's first term of enrollment,

  • Transfer Drivers license to New Mexico. (See for requirements.)

  • Register any vehicle titled in the dependents name in New Mexico.

  • Obtain a voter's registration to vote in New Mexico.

  • Provide a Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERs) DD Form 1172


In-State Tuition For All National Guard and Dependents

This provision enables all National Guard members and their dependents to be billed at in-state tuition rates while attending UNM. An Active Duty Military Waiver, is required with the admission process.  This form is used for all NG status, Active Duty (Title X), State Call-up (Title 32 ) and Drilling Status.



New Mexico Lottery Scholarship

Many military members go directly out of high school in to the service and have not used their Lottery Scholarship and are eligible to use it upon separation. The Lottery scholarship pays TUITION ONLY, not fees, and can be used for up to 8 semesters. In order to enact this scholarship, you must be a NM resident who graduated from a NM public (or accredited NM private) high school or receive a NM GED. Further requirements include,

  • Entered active duty directly out of high school

  • Did not have a chance to start at a Public Higher Education Institution between graduation and active duty

  • Upon separation/retirement from the military you must have entered a Public Higher Education Institution and enrolled in a Baccalaureate degree program during the first regular semester

  • Earn at least 12 credit hours with a minimum 2.5 grade point average during the first semester in college


New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Scholarship

The Vietnam Veterans Scholarship is for veterans who has been a New Mexico resident for at least 10 years and were issued the Vietnam Campaign or Service Medal. This scholarship can be used for Undergraduate or Graduate Studies and pays full tuition and books.


Scholarship for Children of Deceased Veterans

Children between the ages of 16-26 whose veteran parent was killed in action or died as a result of their wounds incurred in battle, qualify for a full tuition waiver at any state funded post-secondary school. If a veteran entered active duty as resident of New Mexico, they may recieve up to their full tuition paid and a $150 stipend for books and course fees.